TsoCity inspiration

Inspiration for Tso City.

Tso City is a setting in the Metal Shadow universe. It is a city located inside a deepe in the Sixth Sky's Midlands. Lloyde Esmonde lived here while trying to recover his memories.

The city has an industrial vibe, with factories shooting smoke lying on seemingly every other block. A queer bright yellow light hangs in the "sky" over everyone's heads; at night the light disappears and people can clearly see the other side of the city above them.

Tso is one of the leading manufacturers in the Sixth Sky of Midland ores. Its main line of employment is mining and refinery.

Many refugees went to Tso during the Sixth-Seventh conflict, quickly overpopulating it. Most of the public is dirt poor and have ailing levels of health. On the lower west side, wealthier citizens live at a modern standard.


  • The city is loosely inspired by the opening stage from the indie RPG game Ascendence, which captures a steampunk vibe.