Art from Legend of the Cryptids

The Three Queens are a trio of antagonists who appear in Metal Shadow Prelude. They are Shieva, Raffikke, and Louqe Belleville; the "Spring Queen", "Autumn Queen", and "Summer Queen", respectively. They are responsible for the deaths of the nine individuals who became Gineden's heroes.


The Queens, alongside Noa Rylie, are married to Dr. Dragon. They appear before the extended Elf Squad to capture Noa to perform the Leap. Elf Squad retaliates and the Queens finish them. Dragon is assassinated by Agent Ziare.

Afterward they continue with the Leap. They toss Dragon's body out at sea and set it aflame. They then raise from the dead a mysterious red-haired man, and alongside him and four children—Adrock, Yson, Maximus, and Gurteus—they leave Ende to travel to Gilta Nnea.

Main CanonEdit

In the main canon the Three Queens assist The Red Threat in conquering and ruling the Glas Kingdom.