The Red Threat
RedThreatProfile keerlerleah
Art by keerlerleah
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Birthday  ???
Birth Place  ???
Debut Prologue

"Red Threat Era"

Final Prologue

"Red Threat Era"

The Red Threat is the antagonist of Metal Shadow. He is a mighty elemancer who seems to be aiming to rule all of Gilta Nnea. He is accompanied by the Three Queens and an army of half-men on this quest.


He first appears in the Prelude, where he is revived as the anonymous new host for Godden. He then debuts under his current name in Metal Shadow. He had come to the Fifth Sky to besiege Castle Glas, which would be his first conquest on the mainland.

He defeats the Elemancing Guild without difficulty. He then proceeds to conquer the Southern Peninsula of Gilta Nnea. Nine years later he learns of the Prophecy of Nine: that nine "assassins" have been revived and will defeat him before his plans come to fruition. The Red Threat has now made hunting down and defeating the nine his primary goal.

He claims he can go back in time by up to three years.


The Red Threat is a tall, muscular man with many scars. He has fair skin, long, flowing red hair, and gold eyes. He seems utterly fearless and cunning, as he did not shy away from confronting the Elemancing Guild and was quick to start devising plans to defeat his nine assassins when he learned of them. However when he first learned of the assassins he also expressed surprise. He often sits alone in a dark chamber to contemplate things.


His only outfit so far has been red robes and a pair of slacks.

Battle StyleEdit

No information has been given about The Red Threat's battle style thus far in the series. He is only said to be remarkably powerful, as he defeated the armies of elemancers sent against him, a feat only the likes of Godden ever accomplished.