The Seventh Sky is a nation in the Metal Shadow universe. It is one of the twelve Skies that comprise Gilta Nnea. It is located near the south end of the continent's main body, south of the Eighth Sky and north of the Sixth Sky, on a strip of land resembling a horizontally-laid rectangle. In the year 6 NE, the Seventh launched an offensive against the Sixth Sky that is ongoing to this day.

Governing StructureEdit

The Seventh's ruling body is a plutocracy made up of the ten wealthiest families in the nation. This organization structure renders money the most important aspect of life for every citizen in the Sky, and hence, its dominant industry is financial trading, which is facilitated on High Market (an enterprise owned by the House of Bodegarde, consequently the ruling family for over a millenia).


People of the Seventh are largely fair-skinned folks with blonde hair and eyes. Due to their consumerist culture, they spend exorbitant amounts of money on needless things, such as fancy vehicles and clothing. They have brash, confrontational personalities indicative of a generation growing weary of oppression. Sex, gambling, and competitive sports are the primary interests of a typical Seventhman.

Places in the Seventh SkyEdit