Peeze Busie
PeezeProfile eaphonia
Art by eaphonia
Gender Female
Height 3'10"
Birthday 5.0 NE (age 13)
Birth Place Gold Point, Fourth Sky
Debut Chapter Two

"The Sleepy Colony"

Final Chapter Eight

"After the Ashes"

Peeze Busie (PEEZ BYOO-see) is a supporting character in Metal Shadow. She is a little girl living in Deep Kuralle and the fraternal twin sister of Ryce Busie. Peeze was among the children who escaped kidnapping by the Dead South Routers.


Peeze is petite even for her age (she is ten years old when she is first introduced). Her hair is white and her eyes dark red, the common features of an albino. She has a shy, introverted personality. This personality flips whenever she sees Lloyde, whom she is warm and open toward.


  • Peeze originally had no siblings in the original drafts of the story. When her twin bother Ryce was introduced in one of the drafts, he was a sacrificial character solely intended to make Peeze more courageous.
  • If she was not an albino, Peeze would have dark skin, hair, and eyes like her brother.