The Old Tongue (capitalized), or simply the Tongue, is a fictional language used throughout Metal Shadow. The first time it was used was in Metal Shadow Prelude. It is an old spoken and written language created for common use by and among the proto-humans. It is the only surviving language from the Aegis era. The language is largely unused in modern Gilta Nnea, but there are regions where it is the primary language, namely the Tenth Sky.


Below is a list of all Old Tongue words and terms used so far in the series. Use Ctrl+F to search for the English word.

Old Tongue Pronunciation Modern Tongue
Ava AH-vah Good
Ava diel AH-vah DEE-el "Good day"
Baba BAH-bah Baby, child
Bun BOON Three
Chal CHAL Expression meaning "oh, no"
Chusse CHOOSS Wow, amazing, unbelievable
Dan DAHN Thing
Dannae dah-NAY Weapon (lit. "kill thing")
Deepe DEEP Dwelling, house
Diel DEE-el Day, sun
Din DEEN Four
Duo DOO-oh You
En EN One
Garde GYARRD Lord
Gilta GIL-tah Land
Hisorie hi-SOHRR-ya Portal, doorway
Iema EE-mah Magic
Kentai KEN-tai Barrier, wall, shield
Kiden KEE-den Number
Koi KOY Six
Kuddai KOO-dai Fuck you
Mahae MAH-hay Fool, idiot
Man MAN Seven
Muevo MWE-voh Move
Net NAYT Cry
Nnae NAY Dead, kill
Nnea NAY-ah Human
On ON Zero, nothing, empty
Ra RAH To need
Sasa SAH-sah Adult male, man
Se SAY Side, wayside
Van VAN Two
Yal YAL There
Zan ZAN Five
-do DOH Adds a pronoun (eg: he, she, it, they, you); only used on words ending with the letter "t"
-to (suffix) TOH Adds a pronoun (eg: he, she, it, they, you)