2014 cover art for Metal Shadow on JukePop Serials.

The Red Threat has invaded Gilta Nnea. Nine heroes are prophesied to defeat him, but no one knows who they are. When a journey to the Hollowlands unites players in an all-out war, the stage is set for the heroes' rise. This is their battle. METAL SHADOW.
-2014 blurb from JukePop Serials

Metal Shadow is a serialized high fantasy/sci-fi novel written by Kevin A.M. Lewis. It is the second entry in the series and the sequel to Metal Shadow Prelude. It launched on JukePop Serials on December 7, 2013 and is currently ongoing.

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List of chaptersEdit

Season 1 (January 2, 2014 - February 8, 2014)Edit

Prologue: Red Threat Era - a sorcerer arrives to conquer Gilta Nnea.
Chapter 1: The Long March South - a war forces thousands of people to flee to the Hollowlands.
Chapter 2: The Sleepy Colony - a colony of refugees sleeps on a rainy night.
Chapter 3: Night On Fire - mercenaries decide an easy way to finish their mission.
Chapter 4: Warborn Youths - the children of Kuralle prove they are not as helpless as they seem.
Chapter 5: The Shaenkai Cross - an elemancer comes to Isonno's rescue.
Chapter 6: The Boy from Nowhere - Lloyde loses all memories of Deep Kuralle.
Chapter 7: Visitors from the Past - Lloyde gets a visit from people from his past.
Chapter 8: After the Ashes - Lloyde returns to the colony in the aftermath of its destruction.
Chapter 9: The New Director - a loved one's death prompts Lloyde to join the running for the colony's director's board.
Chapter 10: The Score Spree - The colony holds a spree before the director exam scores are announced.
Chapter 11: Preparations for the Finals - Lloyde meets his teammates for the military finals.
Chapter 12: An Old Friend and a Burial - An old friend of the colony arrives for a funeral.
Chapter 13: Demonstration Round - the military finals begin.
Chapter 14: Operation Stray Beastie - Branke usurps Lloyde's plan to win the military finals.
Chapter 15: Leader's Ultimatum - a one on one fight takes a turn for the worse.

Season 2 (March 15, 2014 - Ongoing)Edit

Chapter 16: Road to Exile - Lloyde throws himself into exile.
Chapter 17: Loveless Jury - Deep Kuralle puts one of its own to trial.
Chapter 18: The Magic Laboratory - Three brave children sneak into a magic laboratory.
Chapter 19: The Castle in the Woods - Lloyde finds refuge in a ruined castle in the Hollowlands.
Chapter 20: Nedosbane - Lloyde discovers the power of a magic sword.
Chapter 21: Burst Magic - A first taste of magic combat leads to needless death.
Chapter 22: The Committee's Comeuppance - The Iema Gear Committee declares their allegiance.