Louqe Belleville
LouqeProfile ae-rie
Art by Ae-rie
Nickname(s) "Summer Queen"
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Birthday 52.0 EE (age 69)
Birth Place Great Pyramid Vault, Purgia
Debut Prelude Ch.49
Final Prelude Ch.52

Louqe Belleville (LEWK BEL-vil) is an antagonistic character in the Metal Shadow universe. She first appeared in Metal Shadow Prelude. She is one of the Three Queens who had been betrothed to Dr. Dragon. She is now escorting his reincarnation, The Red Threat, on a conquest of Gilta Nnea.


Louqe has pale skin, crimson hair, and green eyes. She is of average height with an athletic, shapty figure. Like most Clandestined, Louqe is obsessed with style and grandiosity. She is proud, has a dark sense of humor, and loves battle.


Louqe wears queenleather and a Clandestined cape, the standard fare for the Three Queens, in her appearances between the Prelude and the main canon. At the end of the Prelude it is shredded from Agent Ziare's suicide attack.

Battle StyleEdit

Louqe is adept at turning fire into various forms. Her favorite technique is the fire whip. Her magic skill is great, as evidenced in the fact that it was her fire, in combination with Shieva's super tornado, that killed the would-be nine heroes. Besides that her skill is unknown, as she was not pushed to her limits in the Prelude.


  • Fire Whip


  • Queenleather

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