A Jacketeer (capitalized), otherwise known as the Jack-of-all-trades, is a battle type in the Metal Shadow universe. It describes an elemancer proficient in all areas of warfare. In most cases this balancing act puts units at a disadvantage because they end up with no outstanding strengths; a low-level Jacketeer loses to most other low-level battle types. However, with enough training the Jacketeer can not only overcome the hurdles presented by other types, but never find a challenge from them again.

At low-levels the Jacketeer shares all the weaknesses of other types, which means any unit with good offense (physical or magical) can destroy them utterly, any unit with high defense can wall them or overpower them, and any unit with high speed can outrun or overwhelm them. However, at a high-level, the Jacketeer is nigh-unstoppable, sharing no outstanding weaknesses, yet possessing all the strengths of the other archetypes.


Bulk Energy Speed Faith Science Score
Equal Equal Equal Equal Equal Pending