Isonno Rennekkie
Art by Kazeo-YuuRin
Gender Male
Height 5'1"
Birthday 2.0 NE (age 14)
Birth Place Wyrmpine Point, Sixth Sky
Debut Chapter One

"The Long March South"

Final Chapter Five

"The Shaenkai Cross"

Isonno Rennekkie (ee-SAW-noh REH-neh-KEE) is a character introduced in Metal Shadow. He is an orphan who was found and adopted by the Esmonde family during their journey south from the Sixth-Seventh conflict. He gets recruited by a powerful elemancer after killing his biological father ten years later.


Isonno was four years old when he was adopted. When the Esmondes first found him he was protecting the dead corpse of his mother, who had been traveling with a fleeing orphanage when she decided to leave because the group intended to start robbing passersby. How she died is never explained, and Isonno doesn't remember her much afterward. The boy also doesn't remember his father, though he has nightmares of him every night of his adolescent life.

As Isonno grows older he has a hard time bonding with other children; his brash, playful demeanor puts him at odds with the colony's militaristic regimen, and he cannot relate with his peers because he has no parents. When Claudia Melodie, whom he secretly loved, panders to his older brother Lloyde, Isonno also begins suffering from a broken heart. These things slowly shape him into a dark-minded, rebellious teenager.


...the boy shivered with cold. He wore only a dark shirt, ragged jeans, and sneakers to protect himself from the storm. It was all Isonno ever wore. Rain, snow, or blistering sun, a rebel needed his look.
-Metal Shadow, Ch.3

Isonno is initially a sweet little boy who had been trying to protect his dead mother. He grows into a rebellious teenager who doesn't play well with others. It is implied he receives punishment often for his misdeeds, though he either isn't punished as severely as Lloyde or doesn't go through with them as diligently. Despite this, he is described as a good student, athlete, and brother by Lloyde.

He has wild hair, sharp blue eyes, and a fair complexion; all of these are characteristics he shares with his biological father. As a teenager he has average height. He only ever wears dark, punk-themed clothing.


  • Isonno's surname in the original draft of Metal Shadow is "Isapphre," an anagram of the word "Sapphire".
  • He is inspired by Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto.