Golden Stanlie (STAN-lee) is an antagonistic character in Metal Shadow Prelude. He and his sons hunted down Noa Rylie when she fled Dr. Dragon. They died in a clash with Noa and Elf Squad.

Stanlie was Noa's last master before she escaped Purgia as a teenager. He was tall, with a fair complexion, dark hair, and blue eyes. His outfit consisted of dark armor and a large black cape. He was a highly capable elemancer who could summon bellingsnares and control fire. He wielded a bluefire sword.


  • Stanlie claims that each of his sons were born to different mothers, which implies that he was a polygamist.
  • Despite Stanlie's nickname being "Golden", there is nothing about him that represents gold. Conversely, both of his sons have golden hair.
    • Since Stanlie's sons were born to different mothers, it can be assumed it was their mothers who had golden hair. This taste for golden-haired women may be the origin of Stanlie's nickname.