The Dueller (capitalized) is a battle type in the Metal Shadow universe. It describes an elemancer that excels at weapon warfare, including and especially heavy melee weaponry. They have the highest raw technique of any battle type, with above average dexterity and high stamina. Combined with their strength, speed, and intellect, they are peerless when it comes to melee weapon combat. Their main strategy is to scout their foe's capabilities, then strike at the foe's weak points with an intense close-range assault.

The Dueller is challenged in all areas of combat it doesn't excel at. It has low defense and endurance, and pitiful magic. Disarming it of its weapon would render it harmless, since its physical damage outpit is negligible. Despite these flaws, other battle types can't compete with the Dueller. Its only true counter is another Dueller.


Bulk Energy Speed Faith Science Score
Higher Lower Higher Lower Higher Pending