Claudia Melodie
ClaudiaMelodie tknk
Art by tknk
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Birthday 1.0 NE (age 17)
Birth Place Opus Point, Sixth Sky
Debut Chapter Two

"The Sleepy Colony"

Final Chapter Ten

"The Score Spree"

Claudia Melodie (MEH-luh-dee) is a supporting character in Metal Shadow. She is a teenage girl living in Deep Kuralle.


Claudia and several other colony children escaped kidnapping by the Dead South Routers. They ran into Lloyde, who entrusted Claudia with the care of the other children before he left to find Isonno.

Two years later, Claudia and the children went looking for the author of a forum post about the still-missing Isonno. They found Lloyde and helped him recover some of his missing memories. Claudia then convinced him to return to Deep Kuralle.

She joined Lloyde for a date to the Score Spree.


She has brown hair and eyes and a fair complexion. She is highly courageous, though also brash. Both are evident in the fact that she intended to hunt down Lloyde on her own. She empathizes with Lloyde more than any of his peers, believing it to be his destiny to lead Deep Kuralle. She knows martial arts like most colony children, and to a more advanced degree. Although she is a teenager, before the bombing she enjoyed snuggling between her mother and father while watching noir-themed movies.