Branke Oden
Art by Saharaam
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Birthday 1298.0 PME (age 20)
Birth Place Seventh Sky
Debut Chapter Ten

"The Score Spree"

Final Chapter Sixteen

"Road to Exile"

Branke Oden (BRANK OH-din) is a previously antagonistic character in Metal Shadow. He is a Seventhman living in Deep Kuralle who runs against Lloyde in the race to become the colony's new director, but sacrifices himself to save Lloyde from SCAI.



He is of average height, with the characteristic blonde hair of Seventhmen but unusual green eyes. He styles his hair in the fashion of Seventhmen youths and wears elaborate clothing and jewelry, as well as behaves and speaks with confronting mannerisms. In addition to his brashness, he is a cynic, believing it is only a matter of time until the colony comes under attack again. Despite this, he remains the top director candidate behind Lloyde, making it a fact that he is both highly educated and has the potential for leadership.