Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Birthday  ???
Birth Place Ende
Debut Prelude Ch.52
Final Chapter Five

"The Shaenkai Cross"

Adrock is an enigmatic character in the Metal Shadow universe. He first appeared in Metal Shadow Prelude as a young boy, then again in the main series as a grown man. He is among four children who traveled to Gilta Nnea alongside the Three Queens and The Red Threat. Despite his age, he knew much more about elemancy than his peers when he was a child.


Nineteen years after the Prelude, Adrock appears in the form of an incredibly skilled swordsman wearing gentlemanly attire. He battles and singlehandedly defeats the Dead South Routers. He then invites Isonno Rennekkie to train as an elemancer, which Isonno accepts.


In the Prelude Adrock was described as having blue hair and eyes, like Noa Rylie. In both series he has a generally complacent personality, and behaves and speaks with noble mannerisms. His taking Isonno under his tutorship shows that he has a compassionate personality and cares for the weak or disadvantaged.